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When you have the conviction to deliver things, your journey will progress at the right direction.

When you have the determination to stand up for commitment the results shows on record.

15 Mega projects with state of the Art developments and handed over to the utmost satisfaction of customers of Surya Real Estates and Surya Developers and it is turning out to be a house hold name in and around Andhra Pradesh and beyond the state and for beyond the overseas frontiers. By the year 2016 a decade long progression is truly eventful.

‘Surya’ is a brand with solid and satisfied customer base , every project of it being iconic.

Every project comes up with proper legality and all necessary authorized approvals, be it VUDA or DTCP.

The head of all activity behind this trusted brand ‘Surya’ is none other than MR. D. SUBBA REDDY who did his Masters in Arts along side the Bachelor of Law curriculum. He is ably supported by Mr. D. Satyanarayana Reddy and core team of marketing professionals, who extend their service to customers with maximum efficacy.

Every project that comes from the stable of ‘Surya’ is top class by all standards and it’s quite obvious that people wait for the announcement of a new project from ‘Surya’ to grab at the earliest. It is not an over rated statement but a stanch reality which reflects over the sales charts of ‘Surya’. Generation of employment , welfare of its employees and people associated with ‘Surya’ are very well taken care of.

‘Surya’ is expanding its operation to other parts of A.P. too. Vizag being the Head Office, a full fledged branch is opened up at Vizianagaram thus catering to a wider jurisdiction of market.

The shine is brighter and clear in the Real Estate domain where “surya” will stand as an example for years to come.

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